Quality Kills Covid: An ASQE Case Study

Organizations that study quality and execute what it teaches them are more effective against the competition. But what if the competition isn’t other organizations? What if it’s an invisible killer that threatens the global economy and the lives of people in every country on earth?

Early this year, ASQ (The American Society for Quality) and its daughter organization, ASQE (E is for Excellence) commissioned me to write three articles about how quality mindsets and processes helped the U.S. go from a Covid-19 laggard to a leader by getting its population vaccinated.

For these articles, I studied how a sound understanding of quality helped get the vaccine into arms (article #1), helped it get to the pharmacists and others who would give the shots (article #2), and finally, the amazing story of how vaccines were developed in record time.

The first of these articles has been published, and you can read it on the ASQ website: Quality’s Impact on COVID: Two Healthcare Stories of Effective Vaccine Provision.

If you’re an ASQ member, you can read it by logging in. If not, you can register for free to access this and other free content.

If you’re interested in my writing services, reach me through the Contact form on my website, and I can supply this and other writing samples.

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